Amateurs Section Training

Pre-season training for all players in the Amateurs Section will commence on Tuesday 2nd July and continues each Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30 thereafter. The section welcomes new players to join us for these sessions.

The first session will be preceded by a short 30 minute session titled “Passion…Intensity…Hunger…” from our new Head Coach Nick Lambert. This presentation is the result of Nick meeting with Adam, Ricky, Rob and some of the senior players prior to the Lions’ game last Saturday.

The presentation will also include a brief summary of our entry into new leagues this season, namely The Shield Division 3 for the 1sts, MMT2 for the 2nds and MMT3 for The Exiles. These leagues are more competitive than those of last season and this emphasises the need to train hard this season to help overcome the bigger challenges.

The presentation will take place in the main bar and will start promptly at 19:30 so please attend this in kit as the training session will start immediately after the presentation, once a short question and answer session has finished.

Bring trainers and moulded boots for the training session, and make sure that all your kit is ready and in good condition.

Nick says “The training programme this season will be structured and as part of this I will identify a very broad emphasis area for each month. Unsurprisingly, for July this is ‘The Fitness Bank’, (see attached). Please print out a couple of copies of the pdf and place them somewhere prominent, at home and at work, to remind yourself that you need to be making frequent and substantial deposits at The Fitness Bank over the next couple of months to avoid being overdrawn (or even bankrupt!) come September. See you at training… “