Academy launches returning students project

Ealing Trailfinders Academy are excited to announce the launch of a returning students project for next season.

With the aim of increasing player retention and engagement among ex Academy members, the project will look to provide game opportunities for players studying at college or university. The scheme will look to reunite former team mates in a vibrant and fun environment.

Academy Director John Lacey said “It is widely documented that the drop off in playing numbers among 18-24 year olds is huge. We have reviewed our database for the last 3 years of players leaving our Junior Academy. The loss of connection is startling.

We are aiming to reconnect with the lads and offer them a chance to renew friendships and we hope that off the back of it, we increase the retention rates through to our amateur sides at Ealing Trailfinders.

As we have grown as a Senior Academy we are less able to offer places for lads going on to higher and further education, we have in the past offered distance membership to talented players. That is becoming more difficult. This scheme will hopefully help bridge the gap to adult club rugby.

Two former Academy U18 jumped at the chance to take part in the Championship U20 Tens last month and that nudged us to look to explore the opportunity to do more”.

We are looking to arrange 3 games initially, in September, at Christmas and another at Easter.

If you are a former member of the Academy and are studying at college or university, near or far, check your WhatsApp for an invite. If you’ve changed number please contact John or Annie for more details.