Best Colts Team?

Chris Andrew’s photographs and comments do bring back memories of the Colts! It also brings back memories of the tours we went on. It would be unfair to put down in writing comments about the great characters we had, as they are now adults in their own right. Memories are best talked about when we meet up again – and of course the stories will get longer and longer over the years.

As regards the best Colts team, to be honest I think it is impossible to name. Each year we put out the best teams we could. For those of you who were in the colts remember that Big Jake started off in the colts second team! Was it bad selection by me or did we have some very good players? No other colts ran two Saturday sides – not even Wasps – so each one of our sides always played a 1st XV.

I think we all put in a lot of hard work which resulted in us all having a good time. In a way you all started it off.

David Inwood