VII: General

29 Dress

29.1 All Members when playing for the Club, shall, unless otherwise requested for some particular match, wear the Club’s dress, which until otherwise determined by the Committee shall be a green and white jersey, white knickerbockers and green and white stockings. Such jerseys, knickerbockers and stockings shall be obtained only from the Club’s shop or from other official outfitters appointed by the Committee.

29.2 In each season honours caps may be awarded as determined by the Committee save that no member shall be eligible for the award of an honours cap until his third year of playing membership. Until otherwise determined by the Committee honours caps shall be awarded as follows: the Club’s captain may award one first XV honours cap and the Committee may award two first XV honours caps, two 2nd XV honours caps and two club caps. The Committee may also award “dates” to any holder of an honours cap. Holders of honours caps shall be entitled to wear a club honours tie.

30 Licensing

Whilst any liquor licence is held by the Club:

30.1 Save for those persons who are admitted to membership under Rule 5.13 no person may be admitted to membership without an interval of at least two days between the dates of nomination and admission.

30.2 Subject to such restrictions as may be imposed from time to time by the Committee in any Regulations:

30.2.1 the Ground shall be open during such hours as the Committee may decide and intoxicating liquor shall be supplied during such hours as may be fixed by the Committee and contained in the operating schedule set out in the Club’s Premises Licence as required by law, but the Committee shall have power to close the Ground or any part thereof and/or to reduce the hours of supply of intoxicating liquor from time to time on affixing notice thereof on the Club’s notice board.

30.2.2 members may introduce and entertain guests at the Ground.

30.2.3 provision is hereby made for the admission to any premises on the Ground in respect of which the Club is registered under the Licensing Act 2003 (or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof) of persons other than Members or their guests and for the sale of intoxicating liquor to them by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on such premises.

31 Continuity

For the avoidance of doubt every Member of the Club who at the date these Rules take effect pursuant to Rule 27 holds office or position in any capacity in the Club (including the position of Vice-Presidents) shall continue to hold the same office or position following registration. Such Members shall have the same seniority, dates of appointment, dates of retirement and the like after registration as before registration, subject only to such changes as are necessary by virtue of these Rules. The Trustees under the former Rules of the Club shall, until they have fully discharged their duties, remain as Trustees upon those of the former Rules which relate to Trustees, varied only insofar as these Rules necessarily require.

32 Indemnity

Each Officer (including under the former Rules of the Club the Trustees) and employee from time to time of the Club and each person who was or is from time to time a Member of the Committee or any Sub-Committee shall (to the extent that such person is not entitled to recover under any policy of insurance) being entitled to be indemnified out of any and all funds available to the Club, which may lawfully be so applied, against all costs, liens, charges, expenses and liabilities whatsoever incurred by such person in the execution and discharge of duties undertaken on behalf of the Club or in relation thereto, or incurred in good faith in the purported discharge of such duties, including any liability incurred in initiating, prosecuting or defending any proceedings, civil or criminal, which relate to anything done or omitted as an Officer or employee or as a Member of the Committee or any Sub-Committee as the case may be.

33 Notices

Any notice or other communication or document to a Member, Officer or Member of the Committee may be given by post or email or published on the club’s website and if sent by first class post shall be treated as having been given twenty-four hours after the time when it was posted and if sent by email or on the Club’s website shall be treated as having been given on the day and at the time of sending or publication.

34 Arbitration

Every dispute of the type specified in Section 60 of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 or any amendment, modification or re-enactment thereof (not being one in respect of which the decision falls to be made in some other way under these Rules) shall be referred to the arbitration of a single arbitrator (pursuant to the Arbitration Act for the time being in force) to be appointed in default of agreement between the parties to the dispute by the President (or failing whom one of the other Officers) for the time being of the Union.

35 Interpretation

Subject to the provisions of the Act any difference of opinion as to the interpretation of these Rules or on any matter not provided for therein shall be decided by the Chairman of a General Meeting at such Meeting or by the Committee in every other circumstance, and every such decision shall be recorded in the minutes and shall be accepted as the true meaning until thereafter otherwise interpreted on due notice at a subsequent General Meeting.

36 Schedule of Definitions


“the Act” means the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1965-1978 and any subsequent Acts governing or otherwise affecting industrial and provident societies.

“Auditors” means the auditors of the Club for the time being and where the context so admits shall include any reporting accountant appointed in accordance with Rule 19.1.

“Club” means the Ealing  Football Club (Rugby Union) Limited.

“Committee” means the committee designated in Rule 14 and “Committee Member” or “Member of the Committee” means a member of the Committee for the time being and shall include a person co-opted under Rule 11.2.

“Financial Statement” means a Balance Sheet together with a Statement of Accounts showing Income and Expenditure.

“FSA” means the Financial Services Authority or its statutory successor carrying on its relevant functions.

“Game” means the game of Rugby Union Football.

“General Meeting” means a general meeting of Members.

“Ground” means the ground including stands, clubhouse and other buildings built thereon maintained and developed under the provisions of Rule 3.5.

“IRB” means the world Governing Body of the Game which at the date of the adoption of these Rules is the International Rugby Board of which the Union is a member.

“IRB Regulations” means the Resolutions and Regulations Relating to the Game promulgated by the IRB from time to time.

“Laws of the Game” means the laws promulgated by the IRFB from time to time according to which the Game is played throughout the world.

“Member” means a member of the Club.

“Officers” means the officers designated in Rule 13.

“Operating Schedule” means the schedule contained in the Club Premises Licence governing the scope of the Club’s activities under the Licensing Act 2003.

“Premises Licence” means the Club’s premises or Club premises certificate permitting the Club to use the Club’s premises for licensable activities under the Licensing Act 2003.

“Regulation” means a resolution, regulation or instruction made in accordance with Rule 4.12.

“Rules” means the Rules of the Club for the time being registered with the FSA.

“Secretary” means the Secretary of the Club for the time being.

“Union” means the Rugby Football Union.