Code of Conduct


  • Good players are always self disciplined, always keeping control of themselves.
  • Good players accept the referee’s decision and never argue with him or other officials. Respect their authority.
  • Good players work hard on their own game and learn to cooperate with, and encourage other members of their team.
  • Respect the opposition, their efforts and applaud them afterwards both warmly and genuinely.

Do be aware that under published RFU guidelines on disciplinary offences committed on the field, the following penalties are considered the normal sentence, and not the maximum:

  •  Verbal abuse of a match official = 8 week ban
  •  Threatening action or words to an official = 18 month ban
  •  Physical abuse of a match official = two year to life ban


  • Accept the referee’s decisions with good grace, no ref means no game.
  • Any form of violence or practise against the laws of the game is not to be encouraged, especially NOT by shouts from the touchline.
  • Applaud all good play – NOT just your own team’s.
  • Respect the opposition.
  • Please do not use foul or abusive language, this is a family club.

Please also be aware of the attached RFU Code of Conduct which applies to all Spectators and Parents.

RFU Code of Conduct

RFU Code of Conduct for Spectator and Parent

Ealing Rugby Club Executive Committee