Men’s Section

Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club is proud to field four dynamic Men’s Section teams which between them will provide a niche for players of all abilities and ages.

Our teams:

Men’s 1sts & 2nds

The Men’s 1sts/2nds squad has won ten major trophies in as many years and plays an exciting open style of rugby.

The squad includes players aspiring to reach the elite level alongside those who have already spent time there. With other talented players who are only able to commit to playing Merit Table rugby, the 1sts and 2nds combine to make a potent cocktail of rugby talent.

Ealing Exiles

The Exiles almost certainly rank as Ealing’s most serious social rugby team.  Any team which does not have a mandatory half of a pint of pre-match Guinness must take their entry out of the ballot for this recognition!

However, on the pitch we take it seriously too and we compete in the Middlesex Merit Table.  During the past few seasons we have usually made it to the final or semi-finals of this competition and when not involved in league fixtures we rarely spend a weekend without lacing up the boots to do battle with whomsoever steps up to the challenge.  Most Exiles do not train due to laziness, living a great distance from Ealing (e.g. Barry, our captain, resides in Newbury) or other commitments.  You are allowed to train, but not expected to admit to doing so.  Fitness is a matter for personal discipline and to be encouraged.

All-comers are welcome (age range of team members is currently early 20s to mid-50s; average age approximately 36).  If you sign up for a game, you will pretty much be guaranteed at least a half on the pitch.  However, as a serious social side, you will be expected to stay in the bar after the game and work on this side of the game at least as hard as you work on your game on the pitch.


The Evergreens compete socially with veterans’ team across South West London, Herts and Bucks and are made up of players who are over 35 years old. In bygone years this side would have been a hundred percent fuelled by aging Ealing players, but that is no longer the case. Players are welcomed from all over and it is testimony to Ealing Rugby Club’s success that many recent members of the Evergreen squad have joined us from Centaurs, Wasps, Rosslyn Park, Chiswick and other West London teams. We are a happy ship flying a flag of convenience for anybody wishing to play a good standard of rugby throughout their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Joining Us

Joining is simple and is just the click of a button away using our Online Membership System. For more information on the Men’s Section visit the home page HERE.

For details of the current season membership schemes please click HERE.