Ealing Exiles win Northolt Spring 15s Tournament with impressive finesse

Exiles manage to gain some end of season glory, proving that all sections of the club can have their day.

We won the Northolt Summer 15s Tournament with an impressive display.

Winning the pool comfortably against Grasshoppers(21-0), London Japanese (35-0), Burritos & Margaritts (5-0).

ExilesWinNortholt15sTaking on the comfortable winners of the other pool Twickenham IIIs who had racked up 35 poiunts over the likes of Wasps and Northolt.

Having lost to Twickenham IIIs in last years MMT Div 5 finals by 2 points last year this was going to be a good grudge match.

Twickenham scored early on. We kept our resolve and responded with a score just on the cusp of half time. Tackling and breaks were executed with clinical excellence, and the scrummaging was superbly dominant. As we entered the closing moments, we put an end to Twickenham’s campaign, with two more tries, winning 19-7!

Great day out for the Exiles and some of our friends from T’s mates and Old Actonian’s who helped us scrape together a full side.

Quote of the day from the ref:

London Japanese skipper just before a restart: “Can you address the matter of them pushing early in the scrums?”

Ref: “No, they aren’t pushing early, they are just mullering you in the scrums”.


Squad and rough positions played:
Alex Adide (15,5)
Andrew Johnston (10)
Julian Sweeny (4)
Justin Green (9)
Marco Orsi (11)
Neal Craig (12,14)
Nick Greenhalgh (2) skipper
Richard Bull – OAs (6)
Chris –  OAs (7)
James – OAs (6)
Sean Stevens (5)
Stewart Park (14)
V – T’s mate 1 (13)
Matty – T’s mate 2 (12,14)
Tom Syszko (3)
Kean Marden (6)
Johnie McKeogh (8)
Steve Richards (1)