REPORT: Romford and Gidea Park 20 – 0 Ealing Jades 10th Oct

Ealing Jades were Essex bound on Sunday 10th October for their first league fixture against Romford ladies.

Starting with 13 players we knew we’d have to be strong in every aspect of our game, whilst doubling up our efforts to cover for the two players we’d lost to last minute injuries. We were also conscious that we wanted to support a new addition and our first ever Emerald to rise through the ranks: Hannah Wyath-Brooks. She played outside centre in her debut game for the Jades and proved to be an outstanding addition to the team. She has played for the Ealing Emeralds for many seasons now and demonstrated an excellent tackling ability, low and hard, and ran some excellent lines.


However, despite our outstanding play and constant determination Romford eventually took advantage of the two person overlap and their inside centre managed to break our defence and run the final 15 metres with great support from her wing who took the ball over the line.

Ealing Jades continued to play outstanding defensive rugby as taught by Head Coach Stefan Glancy and reinforced by a recent training session by Seconds XV Coach Corne Du Rand in a recent training session.   Our guards proved highly effective, solid and unmoving with an excellent use of our “hold, hold press drill” which left Romford really battling to break our flat line. Unfortunately they did manage to break through on a second occasion, just before half time to make the score 10 – 0.

The second half saw a welcome, if rather late, return of Anna Willis who went on (despite playing only half a game!) to win forward of the match. Whether this is due to her fantastic rucking skills or the fact she ran across the pitch minus a jersey…..well your guess is as good as mine!!

With our team now at 14 players, Romford continued to fight to gain ground over the gain ball line with our relatively new addition Tara Fox proving her worth on the wing as she managed to stop a number of attempts by Romford to break away. Ealing fought hard in the many lineouts to secure ball with a welcome return to the pitch of Lindsay Castling who has been out of the country with work.

Despite all the positive action by Ealing in defence Romford were still a player up and subs stood on the side lines, waiting to join as fresh legs for their team mates. It was late in the second half that Romford turned over the ball to then see their inside centre leg it down the pitch to score their third try which was later followed by a fourth. 

The final score Romford 20 – Ealing Jades nil

A disappointing result for a team that fought hard in defence and played very well in attack. But, as ever, we relish to rematch!

And last but not least – Vanessa, our loose head prop/open side flanker……winner of the best shiner so far this season!