ETRC U15 Loughborough Rugby Tour 2015

The U15’s are going on tour!

We are going to Loughborough University for two days and one night on Saturday and Sunday 25 & 26 April 2015.
WE ARE LEAVING EARLY!!  07:15 ARRIVAL FOR A 07:30 DEPARTURE!!The cost is £125 per tourist, all-in, players, coaches and adults alike (and INCLUDES tour tops for players – adult tourists pay £15 each if they would like one – ask Maria).
NB: Lest there be any confusion, this is NOT the South Africa Tour.  This one here is a much lower cost two day and one night weekend tour for our age group only.  This one is special . . .

What –

U15 Loughborough Tour in conjunction with watching our very successful 1st XV Mens play Loughborough Students in the final National 1 Division match of the season.  Loughborough University have kindly offered free entry to the match for our tourists as well as a guided tour of the University facilities.
If our 1st XV Mens are promoted, as many keen fans both hope and expect, it will be a fantastic and celebratory day for the whole club and all of Ealing!  Many Ealing Rugby Club supporters are expected to make their way there as well as our U16’s who will also be on tour.  The atmosphere will be ELECTRIFYING!!  Can you FEEL the EXCITEMENT??!!!!!!

When –

Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April.  Observant ETRC U15 A&B calendar subscribers will have seen these dates noted on our training and fixtures schedule.  Exact times TBC, however, as a guide, leaving ETRC early Saturday morning, around 8am (please feed our ruggers a big healthy breakfast beforehand) and returning in time for a late Sunday meal at home.


Loughborough University in Loughborough.  Accommodation is at the  Link Hotel.  Our opponents on Saturday are Loughborough RFC U15′s.  Paint ball on Sunday is in Luton, which is on the way home.  Estimated journey time is 2 hours.

Who – 

Player Tourists:
All U15’s – A’s / B’s / C’s / development squad and new joiners alike (45 maximum).  THERE IS NO MINIMUM STANDARD.  We have a great tradition of brand new players coming into our fold via our tours.  This is very much open to EVERYONE (players) who are registered – ALL welcome, new and old!  We have a 45-player limit.
Coaches and Adult Tourists:
We have room for 15 adults and we are all full up.  
Siblings, family members and friends are welcome to make their own way and arrangements as many did last season when we went to Camber Sands.  We will be staying at the Link Hotel and as of this writing they have plenty of capacity, but don’t doddle – that weekend in Loughborough will be HEAVING!!
Loughborough RFC U15′s (A’s / B’s / C’s) in ‘tour-side’ format.

Accommodation –

Player Tourists are 3 to 4 per room in single beds for a maximum of 45 players.  Coaches and Adult Tourists are 1per room in double beds for a maximum 15 adults.  We will be at the Link Hotel, which is just outside the University grounds but within walking distance of the sprawling university campus – a 15-minute walk to the furthest end (add 5 to 10 minutes for our meandering boys).  The hotel package Includes dinner the night we arrive and breakfast the day we depart.
Saturday 25 April 2015
07:15 – Tourists arrive Ealing Trailfinders, Vallis Way, W13 0DD
07:30 – COACH: depart Vallis Way to Loughborough RFC, LE11 5FJ
Sunday 26 April 2015
08:00 – breakfast
11:00 – Paintball
16:00 – COACH: depart Deltaforce to Ealing Trailfinders, Vallis Way, W13 0DD
17:00 – COACH: arrive Ealing Trailfinders
See latest email with pdf attachment for more details


Those following our professional 1st XV squad will know that we are poised for promotion back to the Championship Division and, if all goes to plan, the mood and atmosphere will be exhilarating. Who in their right mind would want to miss THAT!
The plan is to depart Ealing TFSC by coach early Saturday morning (25th)  and play the Loughborough RFC U15 A’s / B’s / C’s in mixed tour-side format at the Loughborough RFC facilities.
Our U15’s matches – one each for an expected two squads – would be followed by a quick 30-minute tour of the university and then taking in our 1st XV match with anticipated promotion back to the Championship.  Next, on to dinner and other related tour activities (cue DB – what goes on tour stays on tour!).
Sunday, after breakfast, we depart to Luton, which is on the way home, and fire paint balls at each other!
Expect starving boys for dinner Sunday evening, which we’re pitching to you parents as being a great way for you to get a debrief from your otherwise monotone teenager boys.
[NB: Loughborough Students are the club side that plays for Loughborough University. Loughborough RFC are an entirely different club, which encompasses the mini and youth sections, similar to our club.  Despite no formal affiliation, the club and the University have a close relationship.  We will be watching Loughborough Students, i.e., the University and the University grounds, and we will be playing Loughborough RFC, the club, at the club facilities about 20-minutes away.]

Tour Tops – 


What goes on tour stays on tour!!