I knew Damian long before he joined the Colts, plus of course Mark, Philip and their cousin John. They were scouts in the 20th Ealing Group. Philip had the innocent look, Mark the cross look and Damian was into everything, from climbing up the marquee at camp to providing a gourmet meal on an open fire. He was an asset and great fun.

This was my connection and how I managed to get a lot of St. Benedict’s boys into the colts, and we never looked back. When we used to run round to the gym at Horsenden Lane for fitness training, I will always remember Damian doing at least 20 pull up to Big Jake’s 4. It was due to Damian that his father in law (Winter), who was with Guinness, managed to get some delivered to the Five counties hotel in Ireland, when the Colts were on tour.

Damian is not the first ex-colt to seek new playing fields. James Cogswell and Nigel Handley to name but two have gone before him, so he will not be alone when he knocks on the gates! God knows what they will get up to.

I will not be at the Abbey for the service, but will you please remember me to his brothers and the rest of the family.

David Inwood

I have known Damian since School, Scouts and then through Ealing Rugby and he remained the same person throughout. The years when Damian captained the 2nd’s were filled with fun, laughter and pushing it to the limit and sometimes beyond. Top bloke, Top Tourist and will be sorely missed.

Vale Damian

Seamus Kerr

Fond memories – it was my fault he got sent off against Leighton Buzzard once – sorry. Far too many late Tuesday nights drinking trying to change the world. Have a pint with you someday mate. Jakey

Jake Edmunds

A truly nice and very, very, funny man. Over the years he always faced his health problems with bravery and ‘just got on with it’ enjoying life to the full – an example to us all. I have some great memories of Damian, at Satelcom and more recently at Logicalis. I’ll miss him but will always remember his smile.

Mike Sparkes

A Vital Spirit, inspirational, and one of the best drinking partners we have ever had. Sorely missed.

Anna & Fenton Willis

A very sad loss to the Club and to humanity. Always willing to listen and talk to any member of the Club and universally well liked.  Tremendous courage in the face of serious health issues over many years and always maintained his happy disposition. A really nice guy and it was my pleasure to have known him.  RIP

Steve Carter

Damian was a great man and a fantastic support to the Ealing Jades, coaching the team in the early days and continuously supporting us as the seasons went by. He was always good fun to know and will be sorely missed.

Lindsay Irvine – Ealing Jades

I‘d just like to add my thoughts on the sad news about Damian. Just a really nice bloke with a wicked sense of humour. Really, really sad news especially after all the fight and fortitude he had shown over the last few years.

Dyll Davies

He was a great Ealing club man. Always good company. I will miss him a great deal.

Steve Nethercote

Damian was a fine man, a stalwart of the club and he will be missed.

David Brathwaite