Dear Mr Craig,

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Mike Hill, who I believe was a Vice President of the Club, passed away after a short illness last week at the age of 82 years.  He was a member in the 1950s and 1960s and played in the A team under Doug Barge and others, then left to work in the North, coming down for various social events including the Centenary Dinner in 1971.  Many of his contemporaries  have passed away but I am sure there are members who will recall playing with him apart from myself.  I hate to mention names just in case, but Ray Cusdin, Mike Williams and Willie will surely remember him.

The funeral is next Tuesday but as it is well up North, I am certain that no Club representation will be expected.  However, I am sure it would be a kind gesture much appreciated by his wife and friends were it possible to read an email from EFC during the eulogy expressing something appropriate.  If it could be sent to me, I would be very happy to pass it on.

Meanwhile I am so pleased to see the success that our old Club is having, no doubt as a result of a lot of hard and enthusiastic work by many members, and I wish them plenty more in their second session in the Greene King Championship. I have watched progress all these years and never more proudly than now with the results on the field and in building up a Club with a great future.

Kindest regards to all and thanks to you personally for your help.

Yours sincerely

Nick Bowyer

Played 1952 (whilst at St Benedicts) until 1963 (would have played more frequently but for National Service and Durham University)

Brother in law of Martin Nolan-past Captain, and son in law of Gerry Nolan-past President.  Fellow brother in law of George Priechenfried

Played for A and Extra A plus two seasons in 1st under John Mallinson and Terry Connor while David Chambers was away

Sang Tenor ‘In the Moonlight’ and Bass in ‘Swing Low’

Michael Green signed my copy of his book ‘to the coarsest scrum half I ever played with’. I like to believe he only half meant it.

Mike Hill, VP, RIP