Evergreens 44 – 20 Fullerians

See report on Friday’s game 19th October below from BOF.

“A magnificent effort from each and every one of us finally gave victory over a tough Fullerians team that’s been in the making for over two seasons. We managed to score over 40 points despite JR repeatedly passing the ball to them every time he got it, Tel playing at 10 (a boyhood wet dream apparently), big  French Stef wading in with those baguette hands, Jamie Carlin refusing the tight head prop position that was bestowed to him by Weeksey and for most of us having a ref that was young enough to be our son.

A cracking Evergreen evening that also saw some returning Ealing legends in Stokesy,  Jacko, Dec Cronin, Stevie N who haven’t worn the famous Ealing green for some time.

Our return game with Fullerians is in approx. three weeks’ time, please be warned they will be up for the return so get down to the gym and stay off the pies at least till then.”