Green Piece 18.01.29

Green Piece

Coach’s Comments…

  • Coaching team reflect on mixed fortunes during January.
  • New Year upturn in attitude is welcomed and applauded.
  • Fresh February target set for Playing Task Force.

Touchline Talk…

  • Every best wish is extended to Club stalwart Stef McCabe and his family who are returning to their native New Zealand.
  • Debate over whether Stef will be 12 hours ahead or 30 years behind.
  • Stef has threatened to leave his boots in Ealing but will surely play on.

Total Trivia…

It is a little-known fact that when the Laws of the Game were agreed in 1871, no provision was made for the use of independent arbiters, ie there was no Referee. Some attribute the much vaunted ‘gentlemanly behaviour’ of rugby players to this early need for the teams’ Captains to agree whether an offence had been committed. Imagine that today..?