Green Piece 18.09.03

Green Piece

Ealing Rugby extends a warm welcome to all players joining us for the 2018-19 season. Work continues at Vallis Way on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.30


Coach’s Corner…

  • Lambo hugely impressed with first 50m and BP W at Hertford…
  • Debutants in particular applauded for their contribution
  • Dave also positive about the potential in Saturday’s 2s Squad

Is 20:20 working for you..?

  • How are you enjoying the increased social media .?
  • How was the Club Road Trip to Hertford..?
  • Are the bananas, Jaffa-cakes and sweets just an affectation..?
  • Please let us know your thoughts on the 20:20 innovations…
  • Watch out for What has Coach brought this week..? on Tuesday…

Training Outlook…

  • Working on Urgency, Accuracy and Unit Skills…
CV Content   Medium
Contact Intensity   Low
Game Proportion   High