Green Piece 18.09.24

Green Piece

Ealing Rugby extends a warm welcome to all players joining us for the 2018-19 season. Work continues at Vallis Way on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.30


Coach’s Corner…

  • Coaches pleased with early season squad availability / strength
  • 1s and 2s start League campaigns with consecutive Ws
  • Lambo seeks maintenance of momentum in massive month ..

20:20 Update …

  • Vote for inaugural Player of the Month award at training on ..
  • Feedback sought on the 20 initiativeswhich are most worthwhile..?
  • 2-sides to 20:20 Are you training and regularly available for games..?

Training Outlook…

  • Working on Urgency, Accuracy and Unit Skills…
CV Content   Medium
Contact Intensity   Low
Game Proportion   High