Green Piece 18.11.12

Green Piece

Ealing Rugby extends a warm welcome to all players joining us for the 2018-19 season. Work continues at Vallis Way on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.30


STOP PRESS… If you have ever suffered a concussion and would like to help to improve the understanding and management of concussion in rugby, Ealing Rugby will shortly be participating in a Concussion Research Study… Details to follow soon…

Concussion Management Series (Part 2 of 4)

  • Stage 2 – Remove…

If you suspect concussion in a player, YOU must REMOVE the player from play right away…

A player removed from play with suspected concussion:

  • Must NOT return to play that day
  • Should NOT be left alone
  • Should be seen by a Healthcare Practitioner AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  • Should NOT drive or ride
  • Should NOT drink alcohol

Any player with suspected concussion must be removed from play – the decision must not be left to the player…

  • Following a concussion or suspected concussion, it is recommended that players are reviewed/assessed by a doctor (typically a GP).
  • Some doctors are happy to clear a player to return to play, but formally clearing players to return to sport is not their role.
  • Irrespective of diagnosis/confirmation of actual concussion the Graduated Return to Play protocols should be followed.