Green Piece 18.12.17

Green Piece

Ealing Rugby extends a warm welcome to all players joining us for the 2018-19 season. Work continues at Vallis Way on Tuesday and Thursday from 19.30


Coach’s Corner…

  • Coaches seek Full Focus on Festive ‘Book-Ends’…
  • Dec-22 Shield 2 Men’s 1s v Henley
  • Jan-05 Shield 2 Men’s 1s v Tring

Training Outlook – The Coming Weeks…

  • Dec-18 Focus on What’s been in the Bag..?
  • Dec-20 Core Skills & Match Prep for 1s (plus POTM vote)
  • Dec-25 No Training
  • Dec-27 No Training
  • Jan-01 No Training
  • Jan-03 ‘Clear the Cobwebs’ & Match Prep

Training Outlook – This Week’s Forecast…

  • Working on the Breakdown…
Physicality   Medium – High
Intensity   Medium – High