Green Piece 18.08.06

Green Piece

Ealing Rugby extends a warm welcome to all players joining us for the 2018-19 season. Work continues at Vallis Way on Tuesday from 19.30


Coach’s Corner…

  • Coach impressed after first runout with this year’s Academy Forwards
  • Lambo urges uplift in training attendance after a quiet week
  • Coaches seek a fast and positive start to the coming season
    • Aug-18… Club Friendly match against Staines (Boots ready..!)
    • Sep-01… Club Awayday to Hertford (Book early..!)
      • Men’s 1s v Hertford (Shield)
      • Mens 2s / Exiles v Hertford (Friendly)

Looking the Part…

  • Off-field60 Match Day Stash shirts are en route to Vallis Way
  • On-field TWO new sets of Mizuno match shirts are also on the way…
  • Ealing RugbyProbably the best dressed Club in 2018-19…

Training Outlook…

  • Dave S makes a welcome return to lead training this week…
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