Green Piece 18.04.30

Green Piece

Coach’s Comments…

  • New Year revival in Shield form welcomed by all but 8th place leaves a slightly sour taste as thoughts turn to what might have been
  • Floodlit Cup win over powerful Ruislip outfit fails to make up for last play loss in Shield finale against an equally robust Wimbledon side
  • Coach Lambo thanks Players and the wider Ealing Rugby team for their efforts in 2017-18 as launch of 2018-19 season is proclaimed

Touchline Talk…

  • Award winners announced at Club Dinner appear popular choices
  • ‘Get One In’ campaign to return prioritising Summer Recruitment
  • Chalk & Cheese performance sees Evergreens cruise to victory in MMT Merit Table Vets Cup Vets Winners Cup Cup

Total Trivia…

In true HIGNFY’ fashion, Green Piece readers are invited to come up with the most apt, humorous yet pre-watershed appropriate caption  for the below action shot, (published courtesy of Wayne Vidler).

E-mail your suggestion to