Ealing Jades play Teddington at Home 28th March 2010

Ealing started out against Teddington on their best form of the season.  Right from the kick off Ealing dominated in attack and showed some organised rugby. Using strength in the forwards phase after phase was played and  Ealing soon found themselves in the oppositions twenty two.

Unfortunately, in Teddington, the Jades found themselves up against a tight defensive line and struggled to create the all important gaps they needed. A strong boot in Teddingtons back line saw the ball punted back down the pitch putting Teddington back on the offensive. Fortunately, some good pressure in the forwards by Lindsey Irvine and Vanessa Dixon meant that Ealing were able to steal the ball back and take control once again.

With Natasha Holmes directing play at stand-off, some good crash ball by Nicky Dent at 12 and great support work by Anna Willis and Yvette Burton  meant that Ealing were able to gain ground once again. With Abby Nduva breaking the line, Ealing soon found themselves back at Teddingtons try line. A strong drive in the forwards almost saw the first try of the game taken by Ealing, but was brought down just before Hazel Griffin could touch down.

An infringement at the ruck by Ealing meant that the ball was back in Teddington hands, some quick paced backs put Ealing under pressure but it was a kick by Teddingtons number 10 that caused the real  trouble when it was kicked beyond all of the defence and landed at Ealings try line. A very pacey teddington winger saw the opportunity and raced after the ball only to put pressure on at the line and see Ealing concede a penalty try. The score was taken to 0:7 and left Ealing slightly deflated following all their hard work. The Jades were kept afloat though by the knowledge that this was the only real performance Teddington had put out so far.
The second half saw Teddington with a new boosts of energy and Ealing found themselves in defence much more. A sneaky gap in Ealings defence was found by Teddingtons winger who managed to out-step the defence and score under the post.  Another try was gained while Ealings heads were down and Teddingtons centre bounded through the line to score one more.  This lapse in Ealings conentration caused a new boost of energy for the Jades who began to ‘switch on’ once again.

Finding themselves in defence again, some big tackles by Kelly lambert and Sharron Braddish meant that Teddington struggled to find some space and good pressure from Ealing saw mistakes being made and Ealing winning the ball. With Yvette burton taking the ball in at Pace, Teddington were struggling to hold the attack at bay. With Ealing back in possession, Stacie Casciani on the wing and Tania Oddi at full back were able to work well together to shoot up the wing towards Teddingons try line. Good support play by Tania Oddi and Laura Kelly meant the odds were looking good.

A critical high tackle led to an Ealing penalty on the five yard line, a great opportunity! The ball was played and popped off to ‘power house’ Sharron Braddish who made her way, with the help of the pack, to barge through the defence up to the try line. Clean ball from the ruck meant Liz Garvey, at scrum half, was free to recycle the ball quickly and get it out to Hazel Griffin in perfect position to drive over the try line with the help of Kelly Lambert and Lindsey Castling. A great try Hazel and well deserved! A conversion by Tash Holmes took ealing to 7 points and it felt a little like the the hard work had finaly paid off…… but Ealing still had a long way to go.

With only minutes to go, Ealing knew their time was up but fought to finish strong all the same. Ealing were able to hold their heads high knowing they have produced some of their best rugby of the season. A great input all round, and it is obvious that the team spirit and dedication is firmly in place. With new players now getting to grips with the game and more experienced players really coming into their own, Ealing are confident that the potential  in the team is certainly rising and are looking forward to finishing the season on their best form.