How to add Lottery results

To view Lottery Reults go to Ealing Rugby Club website and select “1871” from main menu bar.

At top right you can see latest Lottery Results. Select “View all Lottery Winners” to see the full list.

To add new Lottery Winners, do:

  • Login to the website Dashboard
  • Select “lottery Winners” from LH menu.
  • Select “Add Lottery Result”.
  • In title enter date or “Q1 2014/2015” (note use of Q1 – first quarter is too long).
  • In Winners Section enter Prize Amounts and Winners Names
  • In date of draw enter the prize period date not the draw date as this (proably) sequences the results. (For example for “First quarter 2014/2015” enter 30/09/2014)
  • Then “Publish”.