How to add and order Contact/Player Directory entries

To add (or modify) a Contact do the following:

  1. Launch Ealing Club website.
  2. Goto bottom of page and select Meta/Login
  3. Login to WordPress using User credentials.
  4. Select “Contact/Player Director” + “Add Contact/Player” from LH menu.
  5. Update Name, Job Title, Telephone, Email, User name, and select “category to display”, typically “Under 13” or similar.
  6. Add a photo from the Media Library. The ideal proportions are 120px width, 180px height.
  7. Update “Contact Categories” to appear in this list
  8. Finally add Order number in Attributes at Bottom Right. See article below on correct numbers.

Ordering Contact Entries

To ensure that Contact/Player Directory entries are displayed in the correct order you must add an appropriate sequence number to the “Order” field. A simple way to do this is via  Quick Edit”. You can also order entries in the Contact/Player Directory by clicking on the “Order” column heading.

When adding “Order” numbers leave gaps (e.g. 11020, 11040, 11060) so that late entries can be inserted into lists without the need to reorder all previous entries.

Note that the following number ranges are reserved so that an overall club order is preserved when listing all club Contact/Player Directory entries.

Exec 1000-1999,
Non Execs 3000-3999,
Club 5000-5999,
First Team 7000-7999,
Mens 9000-9999,
Academy 11000-11999,
Youth 13000-13999,
Minis 15000-15999,
Referees 17000-17999,
Shop 19000-19999,
VPs 21000-21999,
Life Members 23000-23999

Ealing 1871 25000 – 25999