How to display a Players Grid

A Players Grid displays all of the contacts names in a particular squad as thumbnail photos, six per row, with optional extra details.

To display a grid use the following tag (place in square brackets)

player_grid season=”xxx” plpos=”1″ pljoined=”1″ plheight=”1″ plweight=”1″

Set parameter = 0 or omit if extra fields are not wanted. Note that the “season” parameter refers to the ID code displayed via Dashboard/Contacts/Squads.

Also note that you must specify a player position in the “Positions” tab even though the free text position information is displayed.

To group contacts into a particular squad you must:

  1. Use the Dashboard Contact/Player facility.
  2. Use Squads/Add New Category” to create a new Squad.
  3. Use “Edit Contact” and select the appropriate “Squad” settings from the Squad tabs in the RH margin.
  4. Also optionally add details in the “Active Players” tab.

Note that the optimal photo proportion for the grid is SQUARE.