eCommerce Product Catalog

To modify the eCommerce Product Catalog  select “Products” from the Dashboard. See example pages here

At least one Product Category must be added using Product Categories. Product Categorises can be hierarchical. Categories have an ID code which can be used to display individual category groups.

To display all products use the shortcode “show_products”. Optional parameters are:

  • category – to show products only from specific categories (default is all categories available in catalogue e.g. show_products category=”123″
  • product – to show only specific products (default is all products from catalogue)
  • products_limit – to limit number of product to given amount (default is unlimited)
  • archive_template – to choose specific archive template for this particular listing (default is the selection in product settings)
  • design_scheme – to choose specific color & size (default is the selection in product settings)

To add new Products select “Add New product”. Add the following fields

  • Title (first field on input form)
  • Short Description
  • Description
  • Price
  • Product Categories (one or more to be selected)
  • Product Attributes (up to three)
  • Product Image using “Set product Image”. This selected an image from the Media Library. See separate Instructions on how to manage the Media Library. Select a consistent image size for all pictures used in product descriptions.  800px * 300px, or larger but with the same ratio, is a good size to use as this fits the summary view and the detailed view.