Editing Posts, Pages and Descriptions

There are three different types of text content on the website. These are Posts, Pages and Descriptions


Posts are the articles that are associated with one more of the Sections on the website. Once you have logged into the website dashboard (via Meta/Login on the home page) you can select an existing Post and edit this via “Edit Post” which is displayed on the black menu bar above the web page. The main features of the Edit Post page are:

  • The Title panel at the top.
  • The Edit panel. From this use the edit buttons to format text, use Paste-from-Word or Paste-as-Plain-Text to copy from external applications, insert URLs, apply bullets and number lists, and apply formatting notably Heading 1-3 which displays headings in Ealing green. Media items such as photos and PDFs can be inserted using the Add Media button. Note the “Help” button is available for the Edit Panel.
  • The Excerpt Panel. By default the short version of a Post displays the first sentence or two from the Post as a summary. You can specify this summary using the Excerpt panel.
  • The Comments panel is not used.
  • At least one Category must be selected from The Categories panel. This defines where on the website the Post appears. “0 Features” is used sparingly as this assigns the Post to the first four positions on the Home page. “1 Front Page” causes the Post to appear on the Home Page in date order.
  • Use the Featured Image panel to assign an Image from the Media Library to the Post Summary.
  • Use the Add Media tab to insert a photo or document. See link for more details https://ealingrugby.co.uk/?instructions=media-library
  • When the edits are complete apply “Publish” from the Publish panel.

To create a new Post select “+New” from the black menu bar.

To delete a Post select “Move to Trash” from the Publish panel.


Pages are very similar to Posts but are linked directly to some menu items. If a Page has been selected then “Edit Page” is displayed on the black menu bar.

The Edit options for Pages are similar to those for Post with some exceptions:

  • The Excerpt panel, Comments panel, and Categories panel do not exist.
  • WordPress SEO panel is not used.
  • The Specify Contacts for Page panel can be used to display one or more Contacts in the RH margin on the website page.
  • Do not amend the settings in the ETRFC panel and Page Attributes panel.


Descriptions are very similar to Posts and Pages and are linked directly to some menu items and a specific Category. Descriptions contain the content that is displayed by default for each of the main menu entries. If a Description has been selected then “Edit Category” is displayed on the black menu bar.  Do not select “Edit Category” and do not make any changes to a Category. Instead to edit a Description select Descriptions/All Descriptions from the Dashboard and the locate the desired Description, optionally using the “Search Description” field, and the select “Edit”.

The Edit options for Pages are similar to those for Post and Page but much simpler. Do not change the setting in the “Category Selection”.