Revolution Sliders

The Revolution Slider is the rotating banner functionality that is found at the top of the home page. To add or change the content of the banner do as follows.

  • Login to the Dashboard and select Revolution Slider from left hand menu.
  • One slider should be on display “Home Page Slider”. Select “Edit Slide” for this.
  • From the “Edit Slider” panel select “Edit Slides”.
  • From this panel slides may be reordered, deleted, duplicated, published/unpublished and previewed.
  • To remove an old slide click “Unpublish” from left of slide. This is probably preferably to selecting “Delete” as this slide slot can be reused.
  • To create a new slide either select an unused old slide or use “Duplicate” to create a new one. Then select “Edit Slide”.
  • From the “Edit Slide” panel amend the “Slide Tile” and “Slide Link” fields as necessary. To change the image select “Change Image”. This takes you to the Media Library where an existing 1000px * 400px image can be selected. (See Media Library for more information.)
  • Finally select “Update Slide” & “Close” & “Close”.