How to set up email accounts

For those with Ealing Rugby email addresses can you use the default webmail client provided by our hosting provider which can be found here: then login with your email address and password. Please bookmark this page in your browser.

Our hosting provider will only allow 3 failed login attempts before they blacklist your network IP address so please do not try and login the 3rd time if you have had 2 failed login attempts. Give it 4 hours and try again. Failed logins are caused either by using the wrong URL to access your email, wrong email address or the wrong password.

Our IT team do not support any mail clients to access your email, they only support access to your email using the webmail URL above.

However, If you are proficient and comfortable setting up your email using a mail client, please ensure you follow the settings below and update your password in the mail client when it expires otherwise the mail client will try to login using the wrong password therefore blacklisting your IP address.

POP & IMAP Account settings

Your name Your name
Email address or
Account type POP3/IMAP
Incoming mail server or
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) or
Username or or
Password xxxxxx
Remember Password tick (if you do not know how to change it later when the password expires, do not tick it)
Require logon using SPA untick
More Settings
General Set these if you wish
Outgoing server
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication  tick
Use same settings as my incoming server  tick
Incoming server (POP3/IMAP) 110 (POP3), 143 (IMAP)
This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)  

tick (Accept all certificates on Smartphones)
Outgoing server (SMTP) 25 or 26
Use the following type of encrypted connection
SSL (Accept all certificates on Smartphones)
Leave copy of messages on server  tick
Remove from server after 7 or 14 days  tick
Remove from server when deleted from “deleted items”  untick

If you want to use SSL, then use the below mail settings:

Incoming mail POP/IMAP Server:-
Outgoing mail SMTP Server :-
In coming mail : IMAP Port: 993 and POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing mail : 465 ( Secure )

NOTE for outlook: Make sure you have selected ‘My Server Requires Authentication’ .
Go to Outlook >> tools >> account >> Properties >>under server tab >> My Server Requires Authentication.

If you use POP3 and wish to keep messages on server , select “leave a copy of messages on the server” or do not select it if you do not want to keep a copy of them so as to save disk space for storing emails.