How to update a Section “landing page”

Each Section (e.g. Minis) and associated sub-section (e.g. U11s) has an associated “landing page” which is permanently displayed when the Section or sub-section is accessed.

For most artefacts on the site the way to update these is to login to Dashboard, select “Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club” plus “Visit Site” from the black menu bar, then navigate to the artefact and select the Edit option which is not displayed on the black menu bar.

This does not work for “landing pages “as “Edit Category” is displayed and what is actually needed is “Edit Description”. To edit the “landing page” the sequence is:

  • Login to the dashboard.
  • Select “Descriptions”.
  • Find the Description for your “landing page”.
  • Select “Edit” and then make updates as usual.