Advice for Managers

If you wish to become a Manager you should speak to the Lead Coach in Your Age Group.

Responsibilities of Managers

To uphold our Values Managers shall:

  1. Encourage all parents to attend matches and training sessions and to accept responsibility for ensuring their child’s safety.
  2. Ensure that the Age group has sufficient trained Medical Volunteers, and sufficient Medical Kits.
  3. Ensure that any injury or suspected abuse is recorded in accordance with the Club’s policy on Child Protection and Medical policy.
  4. Ensure that playing children and their parents are notified of their selection for matches, triangulars and festivals.
  5. Ensure that all children wishing to train are registered with the club.
  6. Liase with the Mini or Youth Chairmen as appropriate, to ensure that the Club’s database is kept up to date and that all Volunteers are registered.
  7. Take attendance at all training sessions.
  8. Notify players and parents of any changes to the published fixtures during the season.
  9. Provide match reports and photographs to the Club’s website in a timely manner.