Team Equipment

Each Age Group has a lockable cage in the Olympic Pavilion.

At the start of each season there will be a transfer of team equipment from each age to the age group immediately below. Bibs, cones, balls, ball bags and first aid kits shall be handed over in a clean condition.

Each Team Manager shall record what equipment is missing and ensure that all equipment is clearly labelled with the name of the club and the relevant age group.

First Aid Kits At the start of each playing season all first aid kit supplies shall be checked against the accompanying contents list and any missing items shall be brought to the attention of the Medical Officer who will make arrangements for them to be replenished.

Team Managers are required to contact the Medical Officer to replace consumables during the season.

Scrum Machines

The Minis have a number of mini scrum machines that are kept in the Technical area by the Club Lockers. These are available to coaches in the U8-U12 age groups. Coaches shall book its use in ½ hour increments on training days. Under no circumstances are children to use the scrum machine without adult supervision.

The Youth have a bespoke scrummaging sled that is kept locked on the grounds. The Youth Rugby Chairman holds the keys for this lock.

Post Protectors

The club has sets of post protectors that are kept in the seniors’ container. These must be returned, the keys for lock are held by the TFSC General Manager, Club Chairman and Youth Chairman.

Tackle Bags and Tackle Pads

The club has numerous sets of tackle bags and tackle pads that are appropriately sized for Mini and Youth players. These are kept in the juniors’ container

Ball Pump

The mini and youth programmes have an electric ball pump that is available to all age group teams. This is kept in the Club Shop and is not, under any circumstances, to be removed from it.


Any shortages in playing equipment shall be brought to the attention of the Minis and Youth Chairmen who will make arrangements for replacement or supplement goods. Under no circumstances are coaches to remove equipment from the Club’s stocks or request replacements from the Merchandise Manager.