Our Medical Procedures

Safety is one of our values

Rugby is a very physical game and, like other contact sports, players will receive injuries. We will not be able to avoid player injuries but we can all take precautions to ensure that the risk is reduced.

Careful coaching of tackling and scrummaging techniques can go a long way toward avoiding neck and back injuries as can checking players’ personal equipment before matches and training sessions.

Procedures In the event that a player is injured or appears to be injured:

  • Play or training is to be immediately stopped and the child examined.
  • If a neck, back or head injury is suspected, do not move the child and be sure to remove his or her gumshield as a precaution against choking.
  • Immediately seek out the assistance of one of the club’s doctors or qualified first-aiders. A current list of these people is kept posted in the club office.
  • If it is immediately apparent that the injury is severe, do not waste time and call for an ambulance straight away and locate the player’s parents immediately.
  • In the event that a child is bleeding, and not suspected of having a neck or head injury as described above, they are to be immediately removed from the pitch to be treated by a parent, club doctor or qualified first-aider.
  • Any serious injury must be recorded on an Incident Form in the club office and two further copies made. The original is to be kept in the Incident Log Book, one copy is to be given to the injured child’s parents and the other copy is to be retained by the Lead Coach of the relevant age group.

Medical Officer: Adam Jenkins, 01895 252 192(H)