Men’s training July and August

It’s hard to believe it but the new season starts on 1st July and this is TODAY. There are some important changes to notify and these will appear in a series of messages over the coming weeks. The big news is that the installation of a second 3G pitch plus professional floodlights is almost complete so this season’s training facilities will be outstanding.

The immediate priorities for the season are training and recruitment. Training commences on Tuesday 5th July and takes place each Tuesday and Thursday with a prompt start at 19:30. This season we plan to extend our stash award scheme to include attendance at training so you need to get your attendance counts up ASAP. Qualification for training stash depends upon being on the pitch ready to start at 19:30. The focus of training in July is fitness. See the full itinerary below and in the attached file Focus – July 2016.

This season physio support will be provided each Monday and Thursday. The Monday session means that players have a vital extra day of treatment of any knocks picked up during the weekend games. As usual book with Matt.  By mail or by text  07506746956.

We intend to compete aggressively in our coming league programmes and to be successful we need to recruit. You are reminded that any player who introduces a new player (i.e. one who has never played for Ealing) will receive a £50 recruitment bonus. We also have a new recruitment poster. This is attached here Ealing Men’s Section flyer or you can get paper copy from Ricky. Please make an effort to post these in every appropriate place, be it at work, at college, in local gyms and pubs, etc. This is important.

Ealing Men's Section flyer

So this is a call-to-arms for training on Tuesday 5th July. I look forward to seeing many of you then.

Men’s Captain
John Worthington

July Focus – The Fitness bank and Core Skills

  1.       Asynchronous Power Block (KettleBells)
  2.       Core Skills and Decision Making Block
  3.       Strength Block (The 250)
  4.       Cardio Block (World of Pain)

August Focus – Getting Rugby Ready and refining the Playing Framework

  1.       Core Skills – to be ready as individuals…
  2.       Combat Conditioning – to be contact ready…
  3.       Unit Work – to get game components ready…
  4.       Framework – to be ready to play ‘our way’…

To include a “Modified Defensive Policy”, “Refined Plays off 9” and “New Launch Options”

NW Middlesex Cup 2016