Mission Statement

1. Vision

The Referees Section promotes the highest standards of refereeing throughout the club and the highest standards of conduct on the field of play. It will contribute to the knowledge of both coaches and players as to the laws of the game of Rugby. It will strive to ensure that the game of Rugby is played according to the laws and spirit of the game and the values of Ealing Rugby Club which are:

  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sportsmanship
  • Safety

2. Mission

The Referees Section will:

  • encourage and develop referees in each age group throughout the Mini, Youth and Women sections of the club;
  • promote our best referees to support the senior sides;
  • provide training and opportunities for development to all who are interested in refereeing;
  • ensure that player’s safety is paramount;
  • promote a high degree of knowledge and understanding of the laws of Rugby Union and quality, integrity and consistency in their application on the pitch;
  • promote the interests of referees within the club environment and encourage the highest standards of support and respect for referees amongst players, coaches and spectators;
  • encourage and support referees to referee at the highest level according to their ability.

3. Membership

All coaches and others who are interested in refereeing can join the referees section. All members will be required to contribute actively to refereeing at ERFC in some capacity during the course of the season. Members will be required to confirm their interest and their current level of RFU Referee qualification annually. Those who are new to refereeing will be advised on training and education and next steps.

4. Training & Development

Anyone interested in joining this section will be able to do so at any time. Everyone who joins will either already have a recognised RFU Referee qualification or will be expected to undertake an official RFU Referee training course. Entry Level Referee Award (ELRA) and Continuous Referee Development Award (CRDA) courses will be held at various times during the year as required  and the section will make funds available for training.

The section will periodically arrange for more senior referees to watch junior referees and provide feedback which is positive and encouraging to facilitate real progress in development. The section has committed to develop aspiring referees through the new Ealing Development Group (EDG). This group will comprise those who wish to develop their skills at 15-a-side level. It is anticipated that many of these people will also become London Society Referees. The EDG will benefit from coaching, assessment and mentoring. They will be provided with a range of experience starting with friendly games at the U.13 level and leading right through to league games at colt level.

At the Mini level it is hoped to create a mentoring system where the referees will mentor those in the year below them.

Members will be encouraged to develop their skills to the highest levels and to use them at every opportunity.  There will be talks from club members and external presenters, including International Referees, about aspects of refereeing. There will continue to be a general lightness of touch and an emphasis on safety and enjoyment for players and referees alike. 

5. Recognition

Referees will be awarded ERFC Referee’s kit and will be expected to display their RFU Referee status on their right sleeve. This kit has been especially designed to mark out those who have chosen this route and to add stature to their efforts.