My Hat It Has Three Corners

Interesting to read Mike William’s and Mike Jackson’s notes on the club song.

George Priechenfried also introduced a couple of youngsters (Mike Williams and I) to My Hat It Has Three Corners, Three Corners Has my Hat which caused great fun after a few beers had been sunk!

Most of us were up at the club, because those were the days when Ealing Nighties played their Sunday games. It was a very interesting period. Wasps, Quinns, Richmond & London Scottish were the big boys. I managed to get some ‘visitors’ from these clubs to play on a Sunday for us and some of their players ended up as members of Ealing – Jumbo Harrald, Grant Brendon (Wasps Vandels) also Mike Girdlestone and Tony Gates joined us from Quins.

How times have changed. Good luck this Saturday against Richmond. Bill Munks and Brian Stoneman were two names from the past who played for Richmond.

Ealing have had a good season and with luck next year will even be better.

Regards to one and all,

David Inwood