Nutritional suggestions for a match day

  1. Eat a main meal at least three hours prior to kick off
    • This meal should be light and easy to digest
    • Avoid very high protein and fat
    • Focus on carbohydrate-rich foods with a small amount of protein
    • Examples of possible match day meals
      • Spaghetti or other noodles with little lean mince and/or vegetable or tomato-based topping (no cream)
      • Chicken a la King and rice and peas/carrots
      • Baked potato with tuna or chicken or vegetable-based topping
      • Grilled chicken breast with mashed potato/sweet potato or stir-fry rice
      • Extra bread, fruit and fruit salads and low fat yoghurt/low fat desserts can be included with this meal plus sports drinks
  2. Small snack, recommended 1 ½ hours before kickoff to top up your fuel stores
    • Examples of pre-match top-up snacks
      • Sandwiches with low fat cheese/ham/chicken/boiled egg/tuna/jam and peanut butter
      • Muffins or pancakes or crumpets with honey/syrup or sugar and cinnamon
      • Fresh fruit and low fat yogurt
      • Fruit smoothies
      • Sports bars or cereal/breakfast bars and sports drinks
    • If you lack appetite or if you cannot tolerate solid food, a liquid meal replacement (e.g. Ensure/Nestle Build-Up) is an alternative option. 
  3. Immediately before the game begins drink about 400-500ml fluid as this primes the stomach and assists with fluid emptying.
  4. During the match fluid intake is important to prevent dehydration.
  5. Within 30-40 minutes after the match you should replenish carbohydrate, fluid and electrolyte losses

Key points:

  • Never change your diet or try unknown foods on a match day.
  • Remember, you know your body best! So eat accordingly.