Paul Clarke

These words were written by Clive just a few days before he died.

Clive joined Ealing Rugby Club in 1975. He was a keen player and was Club Secretary for 15 years. He was a Vice-President and a Life Member, the highest honour the Club can bestow.

In later years he continued to be a keen supporter, going to watch virtually all the away games as well as the home fixtures. He had booked to see Ealing play Jersey on February 8th this year, but sadly, was unable to go because of his health problems. He was also looking forward to see Ealing play at Newcastle on 28th March.

Clive was deeply involved in the management of the Club, and did much for Ealing Rugby when based at Horsenden Hill. Using his skills as a solicitor, he was heavily involved in the pitch draining projects and the negotiation of the legal work for the club’s 35 year lease renewal.

He drove the implementation programme to install the new floodlights, and when the Club moved from Horsenden Hill, he negotiated the legal work with the new owners, all of which helped enormously to facilitate the successful move to Vallis Way.

The Club will remember him with fondness and gratitude when his friends lift a glass or two in his memory at the Wheatsheaf on Friday 27th March.