Fraser McMillan

I’ve just noticed that Damian passed away in May.  I’m really saddened to hear that.  Damian was one of the chaps I initially met on a Friday night in July ’04 when I was driving around Ealing (Uxbridge Road)  trying to locate the rugby club as I had been recommended to play for Ealing.  When I finally found the club, it was the old pavilion as the new club rooms were under construction, I pulled up and wandered inside to be greeted by Richard Ward, Damian, Hugh and a few others who were having a beer.  As I approached the bar, Richard enquired as to who I was, on explaining he asked me to join the lads for a drink and I duly did, (he even bought me a blackcurrant and water).  But that is when I first met Damian.  The whole bunch made me feel very welcome and indeed invited me to join them for a curry which I politely declined.

The hospitality afforded me that night from Richard, Hugh and in particular Damian ensured I was never going to join London Scottish (where many of my pals played), I’m sure a few Ealing worthies wished I had! But my rationale was simple – I just felt right at home, all the traditional smatterings associated with a rugby club I got a sense of that night.  I always felt I got on particularly well with Hugh, Richard and Damian due to that early encounter as it was their “selling” of the club that got me there and I loved every minute.  A terrific man, very good company and a bitter loss to his family, his friends, Ealing Rugby and the wider rugby community.