Fraser McMillan

An Ode to a Man In A Million, Steve Keen – RIP

There will be a cloud hangin’ ower Vallis Way the day
Fir a true rugby gent has sadly gone, passed away
As we waken this mornin’ theres a gapin’ big hole
Steve Keen has sadly gone, tae fulfil another new role

I’ll ay’ remember him fondly wi his steely hard presence
A prop forward nae doobt, scrums wir his very essence
The side marched forward wi’ him right up top
A backward step never taken, not ever, oor mighty prop

Hard, strong and honest, it wiz just Kennys way
A life cut short, you’ll agree, these words we need tae say
A family man, proud husband and crackin’ great dad
And when it came tae his roond, he wisnae half bad!

He’s a pal to many his passing will be sorely felt
One in a million wiz he, his story only partly telt
God graced us wi his friendship, his love and his dreams
He just wanted him back sooner, thats just how it seems

Just bump and stay big, like ye eiways did dae
Til we meet again big felly, in Gods ain Vallis Way
Rest easy, be at peace, ye fought right tae the end
We expected nothin’ else fae oor lion hearted friend.

Love now and always

Frase (no. 9)