Les O’Gorman

Like many who have already left their tributes below I too had the great pleasure of knowing Damian for many years, stretching back to the late 70’s in the Colts right through to playing in that now seemingly legendary Ex 1st XV which Damian so ably skippered and then more recently on the Exec Committee.

Damian was quite simply a great fella. And when he meets our Lord above he’ll be welcomed in with open arms..mainly cos he’s related..how’s that then?  Well on the reccie for the 2003 Irish Minis & Youth Tour when checking in at Shannon Airport for our flight home, the Aer Lingus check in desk lady let slip in a rather tongue tied way that his name is really Damian Bejaysus!  Oh how we laughed – top memories and stories about a top man – God bless you Damian!