Martin Irisarri

I was very sorry to hear of the recent passing of Damian. He was a fantastic man to be around, inspirational and always with an eye for fun. His love of the game always shone through, he always gave his all and others were only to happy to follow. He also never lost sight of the spirt of Rugby on or off the field. A true Rugby man. I remember him from my years playing for St Benedicts and whilst I was a team mate of Phil, Damian was somebody I looked up too. It was partly through his encouragement that I returned to vets Rugby and enjoyed four wonderful years playing long after I should have. The trip to Rome will live with me for many years and I am sure the stories will continue to get taller and taller. I offer my sincere condolences to the family. He will be missed but fondly remembered in many circles. God Bless you Damian.