Pat Kirby

I have just scanned down through the names below, and super memories came flooding back of many fine people I knew in my years at Ealing Rugby Club –  and none were finer than Damian Bugeja.

I think Damian was out training on Horsenden Hill with his brothers Phil and Mark the very first September session I went down to training at the old club  back in the late eighties.

For 10 years after that, Damian was part of the club furniture. We played and trained together,  sang badly, consumed the few pints, slagged each other off watching Ireland v England on the old big screen, generally had the crack, and enjoyed our Saturdays win, lose or draw.

The memory that stands out most for me was the time the two of us were the last to leave the Caernavon Hotel around 7am the morning after the 125th anniversary dinner, still standing and lamenting the lack of staying power of some of the other notables!

Clubs are made up of enthusiastic people, and in Damian, Ealing was fortunate in having one of those people who loved their club and contributed enormously to the richness of club life.

My heartfelt sympathy to Mark, Phil, Nick and all Damian’s extended family and huge network of friends who share my profound sadness at his leaving us much, much too soon.