Pat Kirby

I’m very sad to hear of Clive’s passing. He was a great club man and I know he did a huge amount of unseen work to keep the club running.

He was a great person and a huge of amount of fun. I have such happy memories of having the craic with him.  For example summer Saturday afternoons during the 90’s – with no rugby to play , a few of us including Clive, the Kelly’s, Fletch etc  would do a “walkabout” around Ealing usually starting in the Wheatsheaf, taking in the Kings Arms,  and getting as far as the Red Lion among others! Just having a few jars and talking about nothing particular, with Clive’s deadpan deadly humour at the heart of the conversation and cracking us all up.  Oh how sad to see another one gone. Deep sympathies to Clive’s lovely family.

Thanks for the memories Clive.