Seamus Kerr

I remember having a conversation with Gordon in the Club House at High Wycombe after we had been shellacked by them in around 1984. I had been playing full back in the 2nd’s for a few years since the Colts and was drafted in to play 1st team center due to the injuries. He proceeded to tell me in his teacher like manner that I was the worst first team center he had seen despite my protestations that I was playing out of position and High Wycombe were full of Country club players.

About 4 weeks later after we had beaten Old Gaytonians in an epic battle in the mud at Horsenden Hill and I was playing full back as Footy had broken his leg, He found me in the bar and said it was one of the best defensive full back displays he had seen at Ealing but that I was still the worst 1st team center he had seen. He bought me a beer and after that I always found time for a chat with Gordon after the game (or at least if we had wonJ)