Parking on site

Dear members.  Please be aware that parking restrictions operate on the Trailfinders site and sometimes demand exceeds available space.  Volunteers from the various age groups assist with parking on busy days and we request you respect their assistance and directions. 

We have had a few instances recently of un-cooperative or abusive behaviour towards these helpers and this is unacceptable.  Please only park where there are clearly marked spaces or where directed.  Parking is not allowed on grassed areas, including those adjacent to pitches, unless normal restrictions have been lifted for a special event.  All grassed areas are used for training at various times, especially when there is pressure on the pitches and driving across them or parking on them renders them unusable.  When the site is full, you will need to park, considerately of our neighbours, on adjacent streets. 

If the site is full, you may not be able to "drop off" as we have to maintain traffic flow for ambulance access.  Please allow time to walk into the site.  Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.  Aggressive behaviour or damage to club facilities will be addressed through normal club disciplinary procedures.