Ealing RFC believes that coach development is of paramount importance if we are to continue to deliver coaching that is safe, effective and of a high quality.

A ‘Coaching Pathway’ has been launched within which internal Ealing modules are interwoven with sessions provided by the RFU and by Middlesex County. The RFU courses (with the accompanying RFU-accredited awards) remain the principle ‘yard-stick’ for aspiring coaches whilst the Ealing Pathway is intended to ‘fill the skill gaps’ in terms of developing our coaches abilities and skills.

An internal ‘award scheme’ has been put in place which is intended to be motivational, to gain commitment from Ealing volunteers and importantly to allow us to both measure the progress of individuals and to identify skills-gaps in particular age groups. The Pathway consists of a series of levels, akin to Judo or six-sigma ‘belts’, with each level comprising a number of coaching modules, (and Refereeing / Child Protection modules). Once a coach has completed two thirds of a particular level they receive a physical ‘badge’ to recognise their achievement and commitment.

Coaches may enter or leave the programme at any level and may attend any of the sessions irrespective of their experience. A summary of the Pathway together with the latest provisional timetable for modules is available here. icon Ealing Coaching Pathway

If you have any questions concerning the Pathway, suggestions for additional modules or know someone who might be willing to deliver one of the sessions then please contact Nick Lambert (