REPORT: Ealing Exiles 31 – 24 Former Exiles

On Sunday 10th May the Ealing Exiles Present played Ealing Exiles Past in an end of season game. The hot sunny conditions provided a perfect day for fast flowing rugby and the fans were not disappointed.

Both sides fielded strong back lines and this was to produce some excellent end to end rugby. The youth, pace and enthusiasm of the Present Exiles was matched by the cunning of the Past Exiles who defended particularly well, communicating effectively to make some solid double tackles.

In the extreme heat fitness was the key. The Present Exiles had the edge in this area, and in a game that resembled a sevens match they went on to win 31-24.

A special thanks to all the Exiles who attended Help a London Child at the Hilton on Saturday and managed to play when the bar was open till 0600. An extra hand to all those who played in the game against the Vets on Saturday 9th May.

Fine work in the true spirit of the Exiles. All Exiles will be trained in arm wrestling during the off season by Barry ‘Fast Arm’ Cousins. Few will be aware he is currently the undefeated World Champion!