Andrew Small Postponed – Referee Development Evening 16 November

Andrew Small has had to postpone his visit to ETRFC on Tuesday 16 November, but we will be arranging a new date for an evening with "Smally" in the New Year.

Instead, on Tuesday 16 November we will hold a referee development evening.  We will start the discussion with offside, signals and the tackle area (there is no harm reviewing this which is probably the most difficult are of the game to referee). We will also discuss any other topics which you wish to raise, inlcuding empathy with the players, and other areas of the game on which you want clarification or or are finding hard to manage.

I really want to encourage you to attend, including the new referees. The game has improved as a spectacle this season with the new interpretations so it is essentail we understand how we play a part in that. The players will get more out of the game that we allow them to play and we will enjoy ourselves much more! This is as applicable to the minis as it is to the adult game. Please therefore can as many of you come along as possible and make it a really good interactive session. Start at 7.45pm

Charlie Hodder