Referees 2009/2010

Dear Referees

Welcome to the Referee Section. Our aim is to promote the interests of referees, as you will see from the Mission Statement. We aim to do this through various means, including training new referees, continuing the development of existing referees and promoting our services within the club. You are a very important part of the club structure and without you no games can be played in the minis or youth section. There is inevitably a reluctance amongst coaches and parents to volunteer to take the role of referee but most of those who try find that it is stimulating, rewarding and fun. We would urge you to take part and make the most of the opportunity that this Section can provide and we are here to encourage and support you to do that.

For those who are absolutely smitten by the role, we would encourage you to become part of our "elite" referee development squad and aim as high as you can, becoming confident to referee youth games at all levels, colts games and ultimately to join the London Society of Referees and referee adult rugby.

We want this website to be a useful tool for you as well as reflecting your achievements and also to provide the club with easy access to their referees. Over the coming weeks and months we will:

Add links to the Laws, Signals, Regulations and other useful information;
Provide news on the exploits of our referees (including photos if available);
Add tips and guidance on the application of laws.

Please let us know what else you would like to see here, which would be useful to you.

Have a great season.

Charlie Hodder