REPORT: Fulleriarians 17 – 31 Evergreens

As in typical Evergreens style It was a game of two halves with the score line in the first half 17 nil to Fullerians with the help of an almighty wind and a winger that was young enough to be half the teams son and who would probably qualify for the 100 meters at next year’s Olympics.  They must have also thought that Christmas had come early as each of their scores was a gift from Ealing via the way of some silly mistakes. We were also hindered by the fact they choose to have non contested scrums from the off with the excuse of having no hooker which didn’t please the diehard forwards such as Ash Spencer, Bill Miller, Dyll Davies, Rahim, Mike Whitney, James Playll, Ray Dennis, Rahim Virani, Big Stef, Jim Cox and myself.  

But with a quality team helped by having Mike Whitney, Ash Spencer, Johnny Murphy, John Knot, James Phyll, & Adam Hulmston from the Cougars, Ray Dennis first outing of the season and new boy Damian Leslie we started to control the game in which Fullerians had no answer to. It was also great to see Paul Hoban back in an Evergreen shirt who had a fantastic game but with a man of the match performance by Bill Miller who is slowing getting back to his best after a long layoff with injury the Evergreens looked posed for that long awaited first win of the season and gladly took it when the ref blew the final whistle.


Greg Holdsworth – Great second half, 

Andy Cleary – Tough first half with that wind but great to see him on the park

Mark Rutherford – Played well for both us and Fullerians

Mark Cannon – Gagging to play in the back row but played well for both us and Fullerians

Ben Hesketh – Our new discovery at scrum half, great game  

John Knot – Top player amazing how fast you can run when you are fit

Paul Hoban – Great game and very happy to see him in an Evergreens shirt again

Johnny Murphy – Two tries and made a new referee friend.. Brilliant


James Playall – Brilliant in the line-out and generally around the park – Top Class

Mike Whitney – Top-class player, great to see him playing for the Evergreens 

Ash Spencer – Not happy with the non-contested scrums, took a while for him to get angry 

Jim Cox- fantastic game and got to every breakdown even at his age

Adam Humston (Pup) – That’s how you do it, brilliant 

Ray Dennis – Great to see you back and made a difference for both us and Fullerians

Bill Miller 1 – Man of the Match performance.. great rucking 

Stef M – A man who really missed the contested scrum. But made the big hits when required

Dyll Davies – Great performance and good to have him back in an Evergreens shirt

Damian Leslie – Great new recruit, a natural back row player, solid first game

Rahim Virani – Shame about the non contested scrums, but a great performance in the 2nd half.

Importantly I felt that Saturday was a massive Evergreen and Club effort and it was a pleasure playing alongside the Cougar boys. Well done to all and a really enjoyable game if not frustrating. See you all on the 10th for last game of the year if not before.