REPORT: Hammersmith and Fulham 12 – 5 Ealing Jades Sunday 14th November

With only 13 players on the pitch, Ealing spent the first 15 minutes struggling to maintain possession of the ball. With extra numbers on the counter rucks and less numbers in the Jades back line, Hammersmith definitely had the advantage.

Hammersmith had to fight hard but used the the overlap to skip round the wing and score their first try of the game early on in the first 10 mins. Once the conversion came, Ealing knew they still had it in them to beat this team. The next few minutes saw a much better defensive line take place and Ealing fought well to keep Hammers away from the try line. Sharon Braddish brought out her almighty tackles once more after a challenging game two weeks ago and really picked up the pace to chase down the opposition.

Soon the Jades were up to 15 players and heads lifted. The decision to play the advantage of Fly half Tash Holmes’ boot was a great one made by coach Stefan Glancy. Ealing then spent the majority of time in the oppositions twenty two and it was only a matter of time before Ealing progressed closer to the try line. Some great phases were played by the forwards and particular hard work was seen by two newcomers Yogi and Lizzie who fought hard to secure the ball and fight off the opposition.  Ealing kept battering at the defence with some good runs by Nicky Dent and Ali Law.

Lindsey Castling out on the wing took a great ball from Hazel Frame and darted down the wing until the almighty crash of thunder and lightening from the heavens appeared to stop everyone in their tracks.

A turn over ball meant that Hammersmith now had a scrum but the determination of the Jades 5 yards from that try line was enough to get the Jades going. An almighty push from the pack saw them steal the ball which gave scrum half Liz Garvey the opportunity to swing the ball nicely out to Tash Holmes who saw the opportunity on the blind side for a try. Good work Tash and quick thinking.

The second half saw more great kicking and Ealing spending the majority of their time in the oppositions twenty two but it was a turn over ball and a break through the line that left the Jades unorganised and allowed Hammersmith to progress up towards Ealings try line only rescued by a great tackle by Yvette Burton in the last few yards. Good defence held them off for a few minutes but it was not to be with Hammersmith diving low and securing a try once more. The score remained a 12:5 to Hammersmith throughout, but all in all a good fight was put up. Ealing know that this team can be beaten and look forward to their home encounter in 2011.

Forward of the match went to Sharon Braddish, Back of the match to Ali Law and a birthday pint for try scorer Tash Holmes.